C2100 Series

Industrial technology with entry level price



Cost-effective, High applicability

Random Bin Picking

Colored 3d point cloud/Mesh provide robotic arm definite information to locate each object. C2100 could get great image even if it mix with objects of different size, material and color.
Unlike traditional random-dot or TOF sensor, C2100’s point cloud density and accuracy is much better for RBP application. Such kind of cost-effective 3D scanner for RBP application, use C2100 now!

Body Scan

Scanning for your face, teeth, hands and feet. Body scan may apply on aesthetic medicine, dental technology, customize assistive device application.

Shoes Industry

No matter you need 3D image of outsole or shoes' body, C2100 could provide most complete result for your application.
In compare of traditional laser scan 3D technology, you don’t need an extra motion axis for scan. This will save a log of space and time for your production line.

Object Counting

C2100 could be used to scan objects in tray. Such as chip, PCB and component. You may analyze number, posture of objects with scan result.
It’s time to upgrade your device with C2100 for counting.

Warpage Detection

Large FOV, fast and reliable warpage detection could be helpful on multiple AOI application: PCB, board material, vehicle’s sheet metal warpage detection.

3D Printing

You work so hard for develop 3D printer for years, now seeking for a scan solution of your brand?
C2100 would be the best 3D scanner module for your product. Try C2100 and make it part of your product family!


Micro Level Technology, Entry Level Price

Benano scanner software make 3D scan friendly. By the mean while, there is industrial DNA in the software, it’s still a powerful tool.

For developer and makers, we provide free SDK in C++ and C#. Users may control C2100 just like Benano software.

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Camera: Dual 1MP camera
Dot pitch: 0.2 mm at focal plane
FOV(mm) : 220 x 140 mm at focal plane
Accuracy: 0.1 mm
Working distance(mm) : a:334; b:474mm(Please refer to the picture below)
Depth of Field: c:140 mm(Please refer to the picture below)
Projector: TI DLP® DLP2010 + DLPC3470 RGB 3 color light source
Max speed: One scan per second
System Requirement: Windows 10 64-bit, Intel® Core™ i3 7000, Ram 8G or above
Scanning Functions: Switch light source color, adjust brightness and camera parameter, HDR
SDK Language: C++/ C# (VS 2015 or above)
SDK Functions: Grab 2D, 2.5D, 3D data; switch scan mode; 2D-3D coordinate transfer
Communication Interface : USB 3.0, micro B
Power: 12V 1A